Five unexpected discoveries of Berlin, part 2

Grüne Woche 2016 – Journalisten aus aller Welt zu Gast in Berlin.Grüne Woche 2016 – Journalisten aus aller Welt zu Gast in Berlin.

4. Vitra&Artek (Do you read me), Bikini Concept Mall, Zoologischer Garten 
Bikini Mall is one of my favourite places to visit in Berlin. While all these luxury hunting or excitement of sales at affordable brands makes you feel empty very quickly, conceptual stores and organic coffee shops at Bikini mall gives you back hope and inspiration. Here you can always find something you can not find anywhere else. This time I found this little bookstore which collects for you most special books and magazines on arts and good living from all around the world. Vitra and Artek is a partner of a bigger chain called Do you read me, which offers not only books, but special thematic events too. The store in Bikini Mall also has a coffee shop Concierge and some special things for home design, as well as accessories. I wanted to stay here all night long, but they close at 8pm. So I came back next day and took home the books I loved and felt so grateful for their pick as if I found a treasure I would have to seek for all around the world otherwise.

Bikini Berlin
Budapester Str. 38-50
D-10787 Berlin
Tel:+49 30 55 49 64 54

5. FitX, Sport for all of us. Berlin-Mitte
Yes, I wanted to have a hedonistic and posh day off and go for a luxury spa treatment. But when you are travelling you want to fit in so many things in one day, that you cannot afford a whole day off. Unless you came here for a year. As a remedy I discovered this wonderful yoga class, which in 50 minutes revitalises you and make ready for new adventures. FitX is an affordable chain of sport clubs you can find almost in any part of the city. Staff is really welcoming, things are easy and you can pop-in anytime. The yoga class I took was led by Fernando and was all in German, which I don’t understand a word of. The club offers classes in English too. By the end of the class I was very proud of myself as I was doing all the asanas correctly and only once Fernando made corrections for me in English. The energy I took there was enough for the rest of my trip and warming memory still lives in my heart.

Alexanderstrasse 7
D-10178 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 28 09 64 53

Berlin is really welcoming, vivid and full of discoveries. It offers so many experiences and worth going on any excuse – with friends, with family, with a soulmate or on your own. You will always find something special and every day will feel like a miracle as you discover unexpected thing. The less you know, the more surprising it might be. And I hope to return there again to discover more surprises it hides for me.

Our group of 18 journalists from around the world from Argentina to China. We came to Berlin in late January to cover the 81st International Green Week 2016 thanks to the invitation of Federal Foreign Office of Germany.