Five unexpected discoveries of Berlin

„Telespargel“ – Berliner Fernsehturm am Alex © Dinara Dultaeva„Telespargel“ – Berliner Fernsehturm am Alex © Dinara Dultaeva

from Dinara Dultaeva, Tashkent | When I was planning my Berlin trip I was imagining all the exciting things to do. Visiting Pergamon, watching Swan Lake in Staats Oper, relaxing spa treatment at Hotel de Rome, eating currywurst on top of Alexa tower and of course shopping at Kurfürstendamm… But all these in reality was replaced by totally different experiences. And the most important all were mind-blowing, better than anything I could have planned.

1. Das Meisterstück Restaurant, Berlin-Mitte
Of course gastronomic heaven is not the last reason why people visit Germany. Hundreds of types of sausages, famous german beer, diversity of cuisine and generosity of chefs. Although we have visited many traditional places with genuine german hospitality, tasty food and noisy music, the feeling of one night sparkled up all others. A little restaurant called Meisterstück offers a fantastic fusion of modernity and best ingredients. A real masterpiece as its name is translated. You can choose out of many types of meat and sausages which you see at the vitrine, you observe how master chef is cooking right on the fire and the outcome is just mind-blowing. Salads and starters with horseradish (which sounded weird on menu, but was the most delicious combination I’ve ever tried), masterfully seasoned stakes, chocolate deserts and surprisingly great german wine. This restaurant shows absolutely new face of german gastronomy, fool of creativity, colourful presentation and traditionally warm hospitality.

Meisterstück Restaurant
Hausvogteiplatz 3
D-10117 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 55872562

2. Meyan Café, Berlin-Schöneberg 
For those who wants to feel the oriental touch of German capital, Meyan cafe run by turkish born Ali Yigit and his wife is a perfect escape any time of the day. Quite breakfast, diverse lunch, dinner or tea anytime, get-together with friends, business meeting or a little break on your own – the atmosphere is just right for all of these. As soon as you enter your attention is captivated by colourful mezzas, humuses and starters in the front stall. Your stomach is already excited of all that mouthwatering food. Perfect veggie omelettes for breakfast, traditional Mediterranean dishes for any other time, excellent coffee – you just want to keep eating here all day long. And if you want to take back some physical memory out of here – colourful turkish ceramics and other souvenirs will work perfect for it. Here you feel home despite the difference in origin or language and Meyan is a perfect place which demonstrates international, multicultural and welcoming face of german capital.

Good food, good atmosphere, good people @ Meyan –Süssholz, Berlin

Good food, good atmosphere, good people @ Meyan –Süssholz, Berlin

meyan – süssholz
Goltzstraße 36
D-10781 Berlin
Tel:+49 30 75 44 25 40

3. Chamäleon Varieté Theatre, Hackescher Markt, Berlin-Mitte
Swan lake is still in the must view list, but what I saw in Chamaeleon on a snowy night transformed my mind and expectations. It is a modern theatre with beyond imagination shows, making you think about unlimited abilities of a human body, mind and talent. We watched the show Wunderkammer where seven talented actors told a beautiful story of love, life and emotions without a word. Each of them had a gift in acrobatics, dance and beautiful singing. It is almost like Circus Du Soleil, but more special and intimate. The night is especially relaxed as instead of traditional rows people sit around the tables and can order food and drinks right there. Chamaeleon is breaking all the rules of classical theatre, but making it even more special and still at the high level of art. The only thing which is not allowed there is taking photos, which is very understandable and actually makes you focus on the performance and immense with a new experiences.

Chamäleon Theater
Rosenthaler Straße 40/41, in den Hackeschen Höfen
D-10178 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 40 00 590


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